We are SHB Vietnam Import Export Company Limited - the leader and pioneer in kiln, direct export and domestic distribution charcoal and other fuels in Vietnam, we are supplier for binchotan white charcoal, black charcoal, sawdust briquettes charcoal, coconut charcoal for shisha which made from mangrove wood, longan wood, lychee wood, khaya wood, pomelo wood, citrus wood, bamboo, coconut...
Our production capacity is 1000 ton per month with all kind of charcoal, so that we can supply with big order and different style packages. 
We have many years experience work in charcoal business and have many partners all over the world, with main our market in South of Korea, Japan, Mid- East, EU, USA, Australia...

Please share your interest so that we can provide you our best services with care of QUALITY, MOST COMPETITIVE PRICE and TIMELY MANAGED Products around the world.

SHB VIETNAM Factory of Bio-charcoal, Sawdust Briquettes Charcoal, Shisha charcoal and some warehouses.  

Thân cây trước và sau khi thành phẩm than

Before and after charcoal is cooked in kiln


Coconut shell charcoal kiln

Smokeless BBQ sawdust briquettes charcoal warehouse

Smokeless BBQ charcoal kiln

Bio-charcoal factory: Production line system of sawdust into briquettes and being cooked in kiln

SHB VIETNAM biocharcoal production line system

Process of purchasing coconut shell and finished coconut shell charcoal

shisha coconut shell charcoal

For further detail please contact Sales Department : 

Manager: Ms. Nguyet 0965193280
Website: shbcharcoal.com  -   cscharcoal.com
Email: info@shbvietnam.com

Working hours: 8:30 – 18:30 Monday to Saturday. Overtime support when calling Hotline



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